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Latrice Seldon 

After working in the makeup artistry business for years, Latrice took a step back to re-evaluate her plans in the beauty industry. After selling skin care, jewelry, and health/wellness products for other companies, it dawned on her that she really needed to do her own " thing." But what would that thing be?

Latrice became a certified Eyebrow Wax/Tint technician, and is continuously building her brand as a beauty/skin care consultant.  She now has her own collection of  scented/unscented Whipped shea butters (men/women scents), body scrubs, and boutique accessories. Latrice is constantly in the lab working on new ways to make her clients feel oh, Sobeautiful. 


The Caterpillar that is steadily transforming into that Sobeautiful Butterfly .

shea butter.jpg
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